How To Recover From A Workplace Injury

It is a common reaction when you receive a workplace injury to simply downplay the actual severity of it. Employees often do this, because they are afraid of losing their jobs if they suffered a serious injury in the workplace. The fact is that as an employee, you have workers’ rights, and we can protect them.

We are Kilgus Law Offices, LLC, and we have been serving the Pennsylvania community for year, fighting for the workers’ compensation people need to recover properly. Nobody should try to convince you that your injury is not worth the compensation you need to properly recover. Let us be your dedicated advocates in protecting your rights.

Your Injuries Are Real And Need To Be Acknowledged

There are many dangerous workplaces here in the Williamsport area. From plants and factories to even common retail locations, it only takes a single moment for critical damages to yourself and your surroundings to occur. Your employers or even coworkers may try to convince you that the injuries you received are not that serious. We are here to tell you that before making any decisions about your injury, you should consult with a lawyer first.

It is common for companies to try to avoid having to pay for injuries that they are liable for, and they may try to threaten you by saying things like, “It will look bad for your career if you pursue this.” What they do not want you to know is that you have legal rights. It is illegal for them to punish you for reporting a workplace issue. If this occurs anyway, we can file a claim against them for those actions as well.

Let Us Protect You

When you grant us the privilege of representing you, we will fight to earn the best possible compensation while protecting your rights as an employee. We are not intimidated by cheap scare-tactics, and we can fight back to protect your health and your future.

You can contact our Williamsburg office by calling 570-931-5916 or emailing us. Act today to set up an initial consultation with an attorney you can trust.