Get To The Truth In Will And Trust Disputes

The last will and testament or a trust that someone leaves behind needs to be as crystal-clear as possible in order to avoid confusion when it comes time to execute their last wishes. If there is any uncertainty about the nature of the will or trust, or about the circumstances of its creation, disputes may arise to try to find the absolute truth about a person’s last wishes. It may seem hopeless to get to the bottom of things, but an experienced attorney can make all the difference.

Here at Kilgus Law Offices, LLC, we have been fighting to get to the truth in hundreds of wills and trusts here in Pennsylvania. Our substantial experience has allowed us to quickly and efficiently sort through all the facts, and earn the deserved outcome in our clients’ cases.

How We Can Help You

There are plenty of opportunities for someone to dispute the decisions in a will or trust. While only someone who has a vested interest in the outcome of a will or trust can dispute it, they may have several grounds to do so:

  • Lack of capacity – The person who signed the will or trust was not in a mental state to legally do so.
  • Undue influence – The person who signed the will or trust was pressured to do so.
  • Invalid witnesses or signature – If some factor of either the signee or the witnesses was not valid, it may be grounds for dismissal.
  • Ambiguous language – If the documents in question are not clear about the last wishes, a dispute can be made to uphold or reject them.

Whether you are trying to dispute a will or trust, or to uphold the documents, you need an attorney with experience you can trust to defend your best interests.

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No matter what side of a will or trust dispute you are on, we can help you get through your complicated situation with confidence and experience you can depend on. Our Williamsport office is only an email or phone call away at 570-931-5916, so act today so we can prepare for your best possible outcome as soon as possible.