Cars are safer with orange turn signal lights

| Aug 11, 2020 | Uncategorized |

Some Pennsylvania drivers are endangered on the roadways unnecessarily because auto manufacturers want to save a few dollars in the cost of a car. By simply replacing red turn signal lights with amber ones, carmakers could make drivers 22% less likely to be rear-ended when they are changing lanes or turning. However, many motorists end up at risk since their car has red lights instead.

Amber turn signal lights are the law in Europe. In the U.S., the NHTSA is significantly behind the curve because there is no national mandate of amber turn lights. The agency has only begun to consider making amber lights a requirement for a car to obtain a five-star safety rating while recommending a whole host of other more expensive safety features to be included on cars.

Cars with orange lights are rear-ended 5.3% less often than those with red lights. These lights cost no more than $10 extra per car, yet car manufacturers will spend thousands of dollars on other safety features with red turn signal lights in the cars. This simple change could prevent thousands of accidents each year. If car manufacturers do not make the change themselves, the government could mandate it. This would make it much safer for drivers to change lanes, execute turns and park.

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