Why drivers should stay cautious on rural roads

| Jun 16, 2020 | Firm News |

Drivers in Pennsylvania may feel safer when they leave the city and enter the countryside, but this can be misleading. Rural roads can be just as dangerous as urban roads, and in fact, just over half of all fatal roadway crashes occur on them.

Many crashes in rural areas are head-on collisions or run-off road crashes, and this is largely due to the narrowness of rural roads. Most are two-lane roads where passing a vehicle is a risky venture. Most come with few street lights, too, so drivers need to beware when traveling at night. Animals from nearby homes and wildlife from elsewhere can come out and frighten any unprepared drivers.

Above all, there’s the threat posed by drivers who think they can be reckless because of the absence of police. Many will exceed the speed limit, not bother to maintain their lane and not wear their seatbelt. Others may go so far as to drink and drive. Others, not so reckless, may nonetheless develop a false sense of security and become inattentive due to their belief that rural roads are safe.

Drivers are encouraged to practice defensive driving both on rural and urban roads. They must stay alert, put away distractions and not assume that other drivers see them and are mindful of their safety.

When accidents occur on rural roads, victims may want to speak with a lawyer about whether they can pursue a personal injury case or not. Pennsylvania being a no-fault state, there are restrictions on who can do this. If they can, victims may want to leave all the complexities to their lawyer, especially the negotiating of a settlement. The hope is for auto insurance companies to pay out for all economic and non-economic damages like medical bills and pain and suffering.