Families in the Kobe Bryant crash file a lawsuit

| May 7, 2020 | Firm News |

Sports fans in Pennsylvania and the rest of the world were shocked by the tragic and untimely death of Kobe Bryant in a helicopter crash. The star and his daughter perished when the helicopter in which they were flying crashed into a mountain near Los Angeles. The basketball legend was traveling with several other families on the way to his daughter’s basketball game. Now the families of some of the crash victims are suing the helicopter company that operated the fatal flight.

The company and the pilot who was behind the controls have already been sued by Bryant’s widow. The contention is that the company never should have permitted the helicopter to fly in those conditions. The fog was so thick on the morning of the accident that all other flights in the area were grounded. Vanessa Bryant has claimed that the pilot should have aborted the flight but instead tried to fly through the conditions. However, unlike the suit filed by Bryant, the families have not named the deceased pilot in their lawsuit.

The post-crash investigation has not found any evidence of engine failure in the helicopter. What the National Transportation Safety Board did uncover was that the company’s pilots did not have certification to fly in the foggy conditions. The company suspended its operations in the weeks after the crash and is not currently flying.

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