Speeding, brake problems contribute to trucking accidents

| Jan 3, 2020 | Uncategorized |

Commercial truck crashes can be particularly frightening for motorists in Pennsylvania. Because of the massive size and weight of semi-trucks, they are more likely to cause catastrophic damage. Studies indicate that commercial truck drivers are actually less likely to cause the accidents they’re involved in. When a truck driver is at fault, however, there is a much greater likelihood of a serious toll from the crash. There are a few particularly common factors that can contribute to trucking accidents.

Speeding is one of the most dangerous issues for truck drivers, and it can lead to severe motor vehicle accidents. In some cases, truck drivers are pressured to meet strict delivery schedules. They may be pushed to ramp up their speeds while driving. Because trucks have such a long stopping distance and carry heavy cargo, speeding can be especially dangerous. They can swing out of control, jackknife or be unable to stop in time for an emergency situation. Other truckers neglect to slow down for inclement weather conditions. High speeds in sleet, snow and ice can contribute to severe trucking crashes.

Another common problem is defective or poorly maintained brakes. In one study, almost 30% of commercial trucks involved in crashes had brakes that were not fully functional. When truck brakes do not work correctly, the already long stopping distance is lengthened and the likelihood of a serious accident increases dramatically.

In some cases, trucking companies may avoid proper brake maintenance to save money. Such negligence puts lives at risk. A personal injury attorney may help a truck crash victim to pursue compensation for their damages.