Navigating the complex world of probate

| Jan 3, 2020 | Uncategorized |

If your loved one passed away in Pennsylvania, you may want time to grieve and think about their life. However, if you have inherited a property or were named executor of the estate, you may not have all of the time that you need to care for your emotions. The probate process can be overwhelming, so it can be important to understand the procedure in advance in order to help you manage it.

When probate is necessary

In many cases, people can avoid probate by creating trusts and other instruments to pass most of their property to their loved ones. These documents can create greater privacy and security in the process, giving fewer opportunities for will contests and other disputes to arise in probate court. However, many people still rely on a traditional will to distribute their goods. In some cases, they may not leave a will behind, or their will may be disputed or questionably valid. In either case, you will need to negotiate the probate process.

Why seek professional probate help?

An experienced probate litigation attorney can be an important ally throughout this process that helps to give you the time and space to grieve while providing correct, accurate legal guidance about your next steps. A probate attorney can help you to gather necessary documents, establish the validity of the will or deal with challenges that may arise to the distribution of your loved one’s assets.

Going through the probate process

In most cases, you will prepare important documents before you file a petition in probate court. In the case of a small estate, you may not have to go through the whole process, but when larger sums are involved, probate court hearings are often necessary. The estate administration process will include a thorough review and distribution of assets, as well as handling the costs for dealing with the estate.

The probate process can be confusing and challenging, especially for people also dealing with grief. An estate litigation attorney may help you to deal with problematic claims from relatives, disputes over inheritance or a complex assortment of assets that must be distributed.